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How does your garden grow

In this topic you're going to be botanists, which is what you call people that study plants.


Task 1 - Describe what you know about the different parts of flowering plants

Look at the power point for the activity. You can do this by finding your own plants or by using the pictures in the PowerPoint. 


Task 2 - Make detailed observations of the similarities and differences in leaves. 

In this task you will need to forage for some different leaves or use the pictures in the PowerPoint for you observations. 

Task 3 - Plan and set up a fair investigation to find out what happens when you take the leaves off a plant.

For this task you will need to have two plants that are the same, one which you will have to take the leaves off of. You need your parents permission to do this. If this isn't something you can do, don't worry about doing this task. 

Task 4 - Investigate if all roots are the same. 

Today you're going to investigate different roots. You can do that using pictures in the PowerPoint or you can use real roots you can find around your house and garden.