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Task 1: What do bees do?

In this lesson we are going to explore how bees pollinate flowers. Start by watching the Youtube clip and think about these questions:

  • What do you think the bees are doing?
  • Why do they visit the flowers?
  • Why are the petals brightly coloured?
  • Why do they need to attract insects?

Busy bee

Now watch this video and think about these questions:

  • What does the bee do?
  • Why does the bee visit the flowers?
  • Where is the pollen produced?
  • What happens to it? 
  • What happens after the pollen is transferred to another flower?
  • What would happen if no pollen was transferred?

Today's activity is to is to have a go at recreating the process of insect pollinatoin through role play, art, Lego or if you're feeling fancy some kind of stop motion film clip (I know there are a few great apps for that). Watch the two videos and take notes on how pollination happens.


You can either use the play script model below to help your or you can use your own ideas. 

Task 2: How are seeds dispersed?

The word dispersed means let go and spread around. Today you're going to have a go at learning all about the different ways seeds are dispersed. 

Look through the power point and then watch the film clip to help. 

Task 3 - Am I the perfect plant?

Start by creating a mind map of everything you have learned about plants during this last three weeks. It's a lot isn't it? Your super star botanists.

Today I want you to use all the things you have learned about plants to help your design and make the perfect plant. Imagine the seed that you designed in the last activity and think about what it will turn in to. 

Start by giving your plant a name, you could name it after yourself if you like? That's often how plants are named. Or you could name it after a character in a story, an Iris is named after the Greek messenger goddess, Iris. Or you could come up with a name that links to its appearance, like a sun flower. 


Then have a go at drawing it. It is important that you label all of it's features. If you want to extend your learning, you could explain the purpose of some of its features. Why are the leaves shaped like that? Why did you choose the colour for the petals? 


If you have time, you could have a go at making your flower using junk materials (recycled stuff) around your house.