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In our Science lessons we were exploring forces. We started to look at what magnets can do. 

Can you have a go at some of the magnet magic tricks that are shared below? If you're using a fridge magnet, you may need to adapt some of the resource you're using! 


Could you explore how strong your magnets are at home? How many pieces of paper can they hold? How far can they make a paperclip jump up? 


If you're feeling brave you could set up a magnet race! Use two magnetic objects (explore some items around your home to find out what might work) then set them up on a thin surface like a table top. Can you make the objects move on top by using the magnets underneath? If you can, you could have a go at making a race track with some paper. Have a go at racing your family members around the track! 

Magnetic magic tricks to do at home