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Our Amazing Bodies

We're continuing our learning about our amazing body this week. Remember, you don't have to do it all. Pick the activities that suit you best. 



Task 1

In this activity you're going to learn about some of the muscles in the body and how they help to move our skeleton. Start by looking at the Youtube clip below. 


Muscles Moving Your Bones

Watch this to see how the muscles in your arm help to move the bones.

Now have a look at the power point. There are three challenges to do. Start with Challenge 1 and if you feel like pushing yourself to learn more about muscles have a go at Challenge 2 and Challenge 3. 


You don't have to use the 'Where did you feel it' sheet. If you don't have access to a printer, draw he outline of a body on a sheet of paper and add your findings on to that. 

Task 2

In this activity you are going to have a go at designing an investigation for the people in your house to carry out. Make sure you're kind to them so they'll follow your instructions! Read the powerpoint for ideas and instructions on what to do.  


Task 3

In this task we're going to investigate what food you might need to take with you on a trip to the Arctic. Unfortunately the powerpoint for this task was too big to upload (to many pictures!). I've saved it as a PDF instead. Have a look at the PDF 'Activity 3 - Arctic menu' first and then look at the film clip below. Use the sheets to help you plan your menu. You don't need to write on the sheets if you haven't got a printer, just use it to help you get an idea what to write. 


Catlin Arctic Survey 2010

After you've looked at the first two slides in the Powerpoint, watch this clip.

Task 4 

In this task you are going to use your knowledge of bones and animals to help you investigate clues about the past. Start by looking at the power point and then at the challenges. With this task you need to do challenges 1, 2 and 3 in order. You will need to work off the worksheets for these tasks so only do them if you're able to print. 


After you've finished the challenges can you investigate more about the skeletons of these dinosaurs? Were there anything similar about them and the skeletons of the animals you looked at last week?