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The topic is 'seasonal changes' and learning about how the weather changes with the seasons. 

Feel free to select from these activities, you can carry out as many as you like. Rather than printing all of the sheets, you could use some of the ideas as discussion topics and design your own way to record the information. 

Lesson PowerPoint presentation to use as a discussion resource in order to introduce the topic 'seasonal changes'.

Use this activity sheet to talk about the differences in seasons and what events you enjoy during these different seasons. It could be the weather, an event or an occasion.

Activity sheet to record changes in trees and the clothes we wear.

Match the pictures with the seasons.

Recording the weather. There is also a sheet to identify the weather symbols. We were beginning to learn about the United Kingdom in Geography so perhaps watch weather reports and see if your child can recall and identify England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales on the map.