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Spring Week 4

Week beginning 25th January, 2021.

This week we will be starting our new Talk 4 Writing unit. Our work will be based around "Superheroes!" by Emma Caulfield (See the PDF link below).

I've chosen this story because you all enjoyed your Traction Man work so much in the Autumn Term. 

We will begin by reading or listening the story, then use the pack to carry out the activities. Each activity has clear instructions. 





Monday. Page 3: We will get to know the characters in the story. Page 4: Read the story "Playground Rescue".

Task: Page 5/6: Vocabulary challenge- find the definitions.


Tuesday. Page7: Task: Think about the story. Answer the questions with your responses.


Wednesday. Page 8: Task: Think about the story and answer the questions in complete sentences.


Thursday. Page 9: Creative Task: Make a superhero name for yourself. Extra challenge: Draw and explain your symbol.


Friday. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Look at the Power Point and complete the activities (enable slideshow to reveal answers).

Alternative independent learning unit. Oak National Academy.