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Spring Week 5

Week beginning Monday 1st February, 2021.

This week we will continue our Superheroes unit. Re- read the story and complete the activities in the pack.



Monday. Page 12/13. Craft Challenge: Follow the instructions to make your superhero accessories.

 Extra Challenge: Write your own set of instructions. Don't forget to use time connectives to help you keep the instructions in the right order!


Tuesday. Page 14. Poetry challenge: I can't wait to hear your poetry smiley.


Wednesday. Page15. Get Active Challenge: Complete the activity, then write down what you did. Don't forget to use time connectives! There are extra activities to support your learning at the bottom of this page.


Thursday. Page 16. Superhero Pet Activity: Fact Files. Draw and label your superhero pet. 

Extra Challenge: Page 17. Write a review of the unit.

Friday. Look at the Power Point and complete the activities (enable slideshow to reveal the answers).