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Spring Week 6

Take another look at the Van Gogh immersive exhibition of his work (You tube link below). It could give you inspiration for this week's creative activities smileyyes.

Week beginning Monday 8th February, 2021.


This week we will continue our Vincent Van Gogh topic.


Lesson 1:  Today we will learn how to draw our own Starry Night. Follow the steps on the Power Point (enable slideshow). Watch the Power Point before you start your picture. The step by step instructions are at the end of the slideshow. If you don't have oil pastels, you could use colouring pencils or crayons. I can't wait to see your results smiley

Lesson 2: Look at the activity below. You have already learned a lot about The Starry Night. Thinking about what you already know, answer the questions, then have a go at drawing or painting your own version of a Starry Night; your own favourite place. Don't forget to try and use the same strokes and techniques that Van Gogh used. You could look at the Power Point from the previous lesson to remind you how to build up the colours. Remember this is YOUR version smiley. I'm very excited to see what you come up with yes
Lesson 3: Today we will create our own Van Gogh inspired "night time cityscape" picture. Take a look at the Power Point. First you will revisit some of his paintings, and then you will look at how to recreate your own version of a "night time cityscape".
You can use the silhouette sheet below to help you.

Lesson 4: Today we are going to evaluate our work.

Have a look at the art you have created during the previous lessons. Describe what methods and techniques you used. What worked well? What didn't work well? What would you do differently next time. I would love you to send me some of your work smiley.