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Spring Week 6

Week beginning Monday 8th February, 2021.

This week we will start our new unit of work. We will focus on the Myth of Pandora's Box. We will begin by reading the story and pausing to draw what we can imagine. You will need a pencil and paper to join in the live Zoom sessions.

Monday 8th February. 

Pages 4- 7. Read the story and draw what you have imagined in the story. 

Task: Page 8. Answer the questions, then read the paragraph about Zeus and complete the activity.


Tuesday 9th February.

Page 9: Re-read the story and answer the questions (together on Zoom or independently).

Task: Page 9. Answer the questions independently (magpie ideas from the Zoom session to support your learning). There is an alternative/extra activity at the bottom of this page, and a word mat to reinforce key vocabulary.


Wednesday 10th February.

Today we will remind ourselves of how we sort words alphabetically. We will look at the Power Point first.

Task: Page 10. Put the words in alphabetical order. You can also complete the extra 3 level challenges.


For extra practise, choose one of these activities laugh.

Thursday 11th February.

Page 11: Re-visit the story and discuss the word definitions.

Task: Page 12.  Create your own sentences using the words (use the definitions to help you). Say your sentence out loud to check it makes sense.

Friday 12th February.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. Look at the Power Point and complete the activities. (enable slideshow to reveal answers).