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Spring Week 7 22nd-26th Feb

This week we will continue with our Talk 4 Writing Unit: The Myth of Pandora's Box.
Monday: Today we will re-read the story and look at the activity on page 13. To support learning, our task is to look at the Possessive Apostrophes Power Point and complete the activities below.

Tuesday: Use adjectives to describe mental images. Page 14 and 15.

Read the poem and discuss the descriptions of the contents of the box. Create a mind map of ideas using the prompt questions in the clouds on pages 14 and 15.

Creative task: Design your own box following the instructions on page 15. Use your mind map to inform your design.

Alternative task: What are your favourite descriptions in the poem? Can you draw your favourite description? Maybe you could think of your own idea and draw it, then describe it in a short sentence. 

Wednesday: Write a Magic Box poem (part 1).

Page 17. Today we will write  a poem together as a class (on Zoom) using the sentence starters. We will write three verses together.

Task: Write three verses of your own poem using the sentence starters (page 17). You can magpie ideas from the shared writing in the Zoom lesson if you like. 

Thursday: Write a Magic Box poem (part 2).

Page 18. Today we will discuss how the final verse of the poem (page 18) has been written. 

Task: Use the class example to help you write your own final verse.

Extra Challenge: Evaluate the unit (last page).


Friday: Look at the SPAG Power Point and work through the activities.