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Today you will plan your own conflict and resolution story.
The day the _______________________ quit. - What might quit? 


Use the story mountain you completed on The day the crayons quit to help plan your own story. Think about the 5 sections of a story and what you plan to include in each. 

To think about: 
- Who/ what is quitting?
- Why are they quitting? What are their reasons?
- How does your main character resolve the problem?
- Does your main character say sorry?
- Does the quitting object/ person come back? 


1 Main character - this will be the character that loses his possessions (E.G. Duncan).
Maximum three characters quitting - You will be writing letters from these characters so no more than three characters. (E.G. the crayons).


Your main character will receive a letter (or stack of letters) from the object/ person/ animal that quit.