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I am really sad that we're not in school this week to start our learning about the Romans in Britain. I love the Romans!


For your investigation this week I want you to start, not with the Romans themselves but with an interesting British queen Boudica, who was living in Britains at the same time the Romans invaded.


Find out a little about who she was and why she wasn't a big fan of the Romans in Britain. Can you create a poster, a wanted poster or a powerpoint presentation to tell me what you found out about her? 



Reading comprehension - Boudica. Try the reading comprehension with one star on. There are questions and answers for you to have a go at as well, if you fancy.

Not everyone loves Boudica as much as I do, in fact the Romans really didn't like her. Can you you create a Wanted poster for her as if you were a Roman?

This is an account of a Roman writer named Tacitus. Remember this is written from his point of view, do you think a Celtic person or a Roman soldier would have felt the same way?