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Exploring patterns


This week we're going to work to develop our drawing skills by exploring patterns found in natural objects. This work can be done using things you can find around your house or things you might find in your garden if you have one. 

All you'll need is a pencil and some paper. If you don't have plain paper, lined paper is fine! As long as it's something you're allowed to draw on then it's okay to use. Over the week you'll have the opportunity to look closely at things and discover how beautiful and weird the natural world is. 

Lesson 1

Today we're going to look at the work of artist Georgia O'Keeffe to inspire an investigation into the patterns of natural materials. 

Lesson 2

In this lesson we explore the patterns made by the sea. We'll then go on to use that to inspire how we use a pencil to create new patterns. 

You only need a pencil and some paper for this lesson. 

Lesson 3

For this lesson you will need paint. If you don't have access to that you could have a go exploring the last task using colouring pencils. You can get some beautiful colours by exploring shading with pencils. 

Lesson 4

For most of this activity all you need is a pencil and access to natural resources. There is an extension that asks for clay or home made playdough.