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WALT think about how characters feel

Today, we are thinking about all of the characters in the story. We are going to think about how they feel and WHY.
There are 3 challenges to choose from today. Remember, you only need to complete 1. If you want to have a go at more than one challenge or want to complete another on Friday, that is ok. 

Challenge 1:
Match the character to the feeling by drawing a line.
You can draw a picture of the character after.
Challenge 2:
Children pick from the characters in the story and fill in the blanks, thinking about how they feel and why.
For example:
The little boy feels extremely worried because he hates getting his hair washed! Once, the shampoo went in his eye and it hurt so much, he never wants that to happen again. 
Challenge 3:
Pick some characters from the story (you can pick the same character or different characters).
Ask them a question to find out how they are feeling or how they feel at a certain time. Then create the answer to the question.
For example:
The boy in the bath:
Why are you so worried about washing your hair?
Because my mum got shampoo in my eyes last time and it hurt so much! I don't ever want to experience that again.