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WALT recognise equal groups - (Revision)

Revision of equal groups is so important for multiplication. As soon as children grasp the idea of equal groups, they will be able to move on to multiplication. 

For the challenge today, the children can either make or draw the equal groups. It is so important they are repeating the stem sentence "There are _______ equal groups with ______ in each group".
- If they choose to make the equal groups they could use: Lego, barbie dolls, figures etc. They could be these on plates (which would represent the groups) or in hoops, or simply just in groups together. 

If they are unable to make the groups, they can draw using the sheet provided or by drawing the equal groups on another piece of paper to save printing. 

Extra activity - This does not have to be completed unless chosen too. If not completed today, it can be completed on Friday.