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Remember, you do not have to complete all of the challenges. Either mine or the white rose is more than enough. This week, I have only added my own challenge if your finding it a little tricky and would like to continue to practise x5. 

5 Times Tables Song

Learn your Five Times Tables.

If you are finding multiplying by 5 a little tricky or would like to start off practically, try this activity:
(The same as x5). Use resources to help you represent the sum and find the answer.
You can use anything you have to make the groups. E.G. 4x5 = 4 groups of 5 - this could be 4 plastic plates with 5 objects on each. Remember, the first number in the sum is always the groups. 


If you are unable to use objects, you could draw out the groups. You may need to do this on a separate bit of paper as the drawings may not fit on the worksheet.