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Where did the crayons go? - Our ideas

Main activity - Diary entries

Activity - Pick one crayon and write a diary for them. 
Think about these questions when writing your diary entry - where have you been? How do you feel? Do you miss the other crayons? Do you miss Duncan?


Below I have added the diary entry template. There are two differentiated sheets, please pick the challenge that you would like to do. 

I can't wait to see them! We will start our next lesson with some of your ideas. 

A note for the grownups - Usually, we would do a "shared write" and write a diary entry as a whole class before the children complete their independent task. This just gives the children an idea of the structure and some different ideas to include. As we couldn't do this and I thought it might be a bit tricky over zoom, I have written an example diary entry.