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Year 5 Letters

Dear Year 5 Parents/Carers - following on from the meeting on Monday 21st Jan 2019, to discuss the Kingswood residential in September, the payments are available on the online payment system. 


You will have received text/email notifications of these payments.  Please find attached the payment schedule for your information.


If you wish for your child to attend the residential, the deposit of £40 must be received no later than 1st March 2019.  This deposit is non-refundable.  If we have not received a deposit by this date we will, unfortunately, be unable to reserve a place (unless prior arrangements have been agreed with us by speaking with Mrs J Moore, Pupil Administrator).


IMPORTANT NOTE - If you do not wish for your child to attend the residential, please notify Mrs J Moore in the school office as soon as possible and no later than 1st March 2019.  Please be aware that if you withdraw your child after the deposit has been made you may still be liable for the full cost of the residential unless we can get permission from Kingswood for no further charge to be made (the deposit is non-refundable).


If you need any further information regarding the residential, please contact the school office to speak with Mrs J Moore in the first instance.


Thank you.

Copy of email sent to Year 5 parents on 30th April 2018


FAO:  Year 5 Parents,


If your child will be taking the 11 Plus Exam for entry to Secondary School in Sept 2019, please see the attached scanned document with details of Registration and 11+ Exam dates.
If you have any queries regarding the 11 Plus exam please contact the CSSE directly (


In addition, if you are considering applying to Secondary Schools off the island, under the entrance exam criteria, please check their website(s) for updates on Registration and Entrance Exam dates for Sept 2019 Entry and contact the individual school directly if you have any queries relating to their admissions and/or entrance exams.


Please note that St. Katherine's does not administer the registration of children for the 11 Plus exams or any secondary school entrance exams so please ensure you make yourself aware of the process(es) and register in time if you wish for your child to sit any of the exam(s).


Thank you.

Copy of email sent to Year 5 Parents on 1st Feb 2018


FAO: Year 5 Parents, After the success of the meeting to discuss the residential yesterday evening, the online payment facility is now available.


For those parents/carers who were unable to attend the meeting, parent guides containing details of the payment schedule, will be sent home with your child in the next day or two. You will now have received text/emails notifying you of the payments available online on


The payment schedule is attached again for your information.


If you wish for your child to attend the residential please ensure that the deposit of £40 is paid by 1st March 2018.


If you have any issues with payment etc. please contact us immediately to discuss. Thank you.



Thank you for all payments received so far towards your child's Kingswood residential trip.


A polite reminder that we must receive the final payment of £190 by 1st July 2017 (at the very latest) please.


Thank you in advance.

FAO: Year 4 & Year 5 parents
The swimming lesson scheduled for 23rd March has been moved to 23rd Feb.
The revised swimming dates are therefore as follows :
9th & 23rd February
2nd, 9th, 16th and 30th March
There will be no swimming on 23rd March.
Please make a note of these revised dates in your diary and ensure your child has their swimming kit and towel in school on each of these days.
Thank you.