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The promotion of democracy is extensive within our school.  During their time at St Katherine's, there are many occasions when children have the opportunity to vote and for their voices to be heard.  We understand that the children's opinions about their school are valid and need to be at the heart of our decision making.


All staff will model this process through asking questions and inviting children's answers and opinions, whether it be in lessons, during assemblies, at lunchtimes or on the playground.


Children have the opportunity to have their voices heard through School Council, subject ambassadors, pupil questionnaires, public speaking events and class debates.  Our School Council has members elected from each class and attend regular meetings to represent the views of their classmates.  The Key Stage 2 School Council Representatives visit parliament and take part in a workshop each year.  The school council also contributes to the school development plan, monitoring and developing a specific objective on the plan within school.