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Numicon - Maths

What is Numicon?


Numicon is an approach to teaching maths that helps your child to see connections between numbers. It supports your child as they learn early maths skills in Nursery and Primary School. It is a multi-sensory way of learning, which means your child learns by seeing and feeling.


Physical resources like the colourful Numicon Shapes are an important part of Numicon. The holes in the Numicon Shapes represent the numbers 1 to 10. When they are arranged in order, as in the picture below, children can easily see connections between numbers, such as ‘one more’ or ‘one less’.

Here are some of the important Numicon resources which are used in Nursery, Reception, Key Stage and beyond. 'Numicon: 1st Steps with Numicon At Home Kit' can be purchased and whilst it is a worthwhile resource we realise is it expensive. If you don’t have Numicon shapes at home you can print and cut out the Numicon shapes below.