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All children attending the EYFS at St Katherine’s have a personal online Learning Journey created through the educational software ‘Tapestry’. By logging on with a secure username and password you will be able to view some of your child’s observations, photographs and videos of their time in Nursery and Reception. Each parent only has access to their own child’s Learning Journey.

In addition to viewing our contributions, we encourage you to add to it by uploading photos and comments about your child and their achievements at home.


How do I start?

St Katherine’s staff will set up an account for you using your email address. Once this has been done, you will receive an activation email from which you can set up your own password to login with. You will also be asked to set up a 4-digit PIN which you can use on the Tapestry app to quickly log back in once you’ve initially logged in. You will use the same details when you have subsequent children start at the school.

Once we have set you up with an account you will be able to login using any web browser from or by downloading the Tapestry app.



Tapestry securely stores all the data we input to our account onto their servers. If you want to find out more information about how Tapestry keeps our data safe and secure, you just need to go to

We will ask you to sign a Tapestry consent form when your child starts at St Katherine’s Nursery stating that we have permission for photographs and videos of your child to be uploaded to Tapestry. We also ask you to treat photographs shared on Tapestry for your own personal use only. This means that the information cannot be shared with others, or published in any way.