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How do we teach Phonics at St Katherine's CE Primary and Nursery School?


We start by teaching phonics in Nursery, building knowledge and skills in Reception and Key stage 1. 

At St Katherine's CE Primary and Nursery School, we follow the newly accredited Essential Letters and Sounds to ensure consistent high quality phonics. For more information, please follow this link:

The six phases of the Essential Letters and Sounds document provides a structure for the teachers to follow and plan children’s progression. The teachers carefully adapt their planning to meet the needs of the children within their class. The teacher’s individual assessments will inform the rate at which the children are able to progress through the phrases and adapt their pace accordingly, offering closing the gap interventions immediately if required.

An introduction to Essential Letters and Sounds

Essential Letters and Sounds is a synthetic systematic phonics (SSP) programme developed for teachers by teachers. Authors Tara Dodson, Hub Lead at the Knowledge Schools Trust English Hub, and Katie Press, Literacy Specialist at the DfE English Hubs Programme, introduce the programme and explain why it's so effective in ensuring that all children learn to read well and make speedy progress.