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Numicon Activities

I have put together a list of fun ideas of ways to use the Numicon at home. 

Printing Patterns - Use the Numicon pieces to print with. Put paint finger prints in the middle of each hole.

Rubbings - Hide a piece of Numicon under a sheet of paper. Ask your child to make a rubbing of it to find out which piece is hidden.

Make a rubbing using tin foil, which piece is under the foil.

Numicon stairs - Can you lay out the Numicon pieces to create a staircase?  Ask your child to cover their eyes. Remove one or two pieces of Numicon. Ask your child if they can spot which piece is missing. Ask them to explain how they know?

Playdough - Can you match your shape and impressions?


Can you make a number sentence with shapes and impressions?

Can you make a number line to help with adding and subtracting?

Marbles - Can you count out the marbles using the spaces in the shapes? Count them and impress them into the playdough to confirm your counting.

Fishing in the bath - Numicon pieces are great to use in water. Set them off finding pieces in the bath. Even more fun, if the bath has bubbles can you feel around and find a Numicon piece with 3 holes? Find two Numicon pieces, which has more/less holes?


Dice - Match the number thrown to the Numicon piece? Throw the dice again. How many altogether? Who has more/less?

Matching Coins - Can you match the coins to the shapes? Can you make the same amount with money and shapes?