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School Uniform

FAO: All Parents/Carers:  We have now completed sourcing new suppliers for our school uniform provision.  In order to make the ordering process easier and more available to parents/carers we have moved to an online service.

We will now be using SCHOOL TRENDS to supply our uniform.  Their website can be accessed on

You can access the St. Katherine's page by clicking on the 'Parents Order Here' section and entering a County of 'Essex', a Town of 'Canvey Island' and click the 'Find My School' button.  Or you can search on the school name directly.

All the uniform items available for purchase will come with the school logo (except the P.E. Shorts).  All uniform you order will be delivered directly to you and will not be available to collect via the school.

Ties (elasticated, clip-on and standard) and Sew-On Logo Badges will be available separately via the school using the Shop facility on the School Money (Eduspot) website.  You will be advised soon as to when these are available.  Sew-On Logo badges will only be needed if you wish to purchase a navy school blazer from somewhere other than School Trends.

NB:  There will be no longer be a uniform shop in school and no option to purchase any uniform via the school office (other than ties and sew on logo badges as detailed above).
Thank you.