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Hello everyone,

Children have worked amazingly well this week, and do not appear to phased by our "quizzes" at all. All children have focused well and have been very keen to take part. All reading papers have now been completed, as has the maths arithmetic paper. This leaves our maths reasoning paper which they will complete on Monday or Tuesday morning next week. Just to reassure you, children are allowed to have the questions read to them during the test, so those who are not confident readers are not disadvantaged.

For homework this week we will continue to work on reasoning questions for our maths homework. In class, we have been focusing on Time, particularly quarter past/to the hour and o'clock and half past.  The homework is a sample from the quizzes they have been practising in class.

Spellings are on Spelling Shed (list 30), and of course they will have this as a paper copy too.

We have also been getting ready for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations by practising the National Anthem and painting portraits of the Queen. As part of the school celebrations, Year 2 will be looking at fashion over the past seventy years. Children have decided that they would like to focus on the hats that the Queen has worn throughout her reign, so some of your children might ask to use the internet over the weekend to do some research laugh (just in case you wondered why!).


Have a great weekend,


Mrs. Andrews.